22 November 2011

Collection Picks: SNO @ Topshop

Hey guys!
So today I was looking at various collections and came across the SNO collection at Topshop. These pieces were designed primarily for winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding. However, I think they would be awesome for the oh-so-freezing winter months of Northern England! Speaking as someone who is ALWAYS cold, I would definitely invest in some of the items to wear until about.... May? God-damn British wintertime!
If you wish to check out the whole collection, which uses monochrome colours with pops of bright yellow alongside quirky snowflake prints, click here! If you can't be arsed to click, I have picked out my favourite pieces from the collection and listed them below! Enjoy!

SNO Belted Ski Jacket, £95

SNO Yellow Ski Jacket, £95

SNO Belted Ski Gilet, £75

SNO Thermal Long Sleeve Top, £16

SNO Cable Trapper Hat, £18

SNO Jacquard Snood, £16

SNO Iceflake Socks, £10

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